The Science of Parking

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could drive to your destination and know instantly where to park? You would save some effort and fuel, but most importantly, you won’t be late for that meeting you’re driving to! With technology improving our lives in a hundred different ways every day, Parking can’t be too far behind, can it? Not with our Parking Search Engine.

With extensive research, covering the busiest areas of Kolkata city, we’ve finally figured out where you can park your car! Interested? Try out our search engine for free.

The Parking Search Engine

Enter the street name or address of your destination, or simply let the app detect your location, and you will see the legal parking lots nearby. Along with the location of the nearby lots, you can also see the likely space availability there. To put it simply, you can see which is the nearest road or parking lot that has parking available right now.

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